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Daily Interest

5.1% - 10.5%

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Crypto-Miners Network Current Fund Growth: 89.97%


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About Crypto-Miners Network

At Crypto-Miners Network, we believe investors deserve an established, trusted, and accountable way of managing their capital towards future asset classes. Established upon research-based deployment of capital, our goal is to deliver comfort and relief to our investors by outperforming all major benchmarks through selective investment into diversified cryptocurrency portfolio while offering dynamic interest accumulation on the user side.

Features & Offerings

We work hard, we work fast and we work with a global network with those talented to invest. Do you wonder how?

Discover Crypto-Miners Network
High Interest Return

Free from the risks and concerns, claim high-interest revenue with professional capital management towards digital assets.

Investment Opportunities
Affiliate Program

Grow together with Crypto-Miners Network. Invite your colleagues to the platform in pursuit of earning commission of referrals’ earnings.



Crypto-Miners Network aims to unlock a new era for investment culture where people are relieved from the obvious concerns and own digital currency portfolio with ease. If that dream is successfully achieved, a huge step towards digital asset management with immense market potential.

  • Research & Analysis On Diversified Portfolio: Crypto-Miners Network team takes diversification as a trading principle and invest in various cryptocurrencies accurately by applying technical and fundamental analyses.

  • Extensive Wallet Protection: Partnered with security software services, Crypto-Miners Network is able to track unwanted and suspicious activities, to keep a record of the crypto investments being made by the experts and distribute capital among secure wallets.

  • Generate Returns On Many Branches: Working with influencers and leaders among many sectors and geography in order to add up their valuable perspective, Crypto-Miners Network members seek to reach even a further network and expand their level of impact.

Getting Started

Unleash the Power Of Your Network

As Crypto-Miners Network, we appreciate your collaboration to expand our network and impact. The platform welcomes everyone intending to share in the pursuit of earning a commission of referrals’ earnings by offering two affiliate status: standard affiliates & representatives.

  • Standard Affiliate: Receive a 3 level 4-2-1% commission of your referrals’ investment, once they invest, you earn instantly.

  • Representatives: Be a pioneer of new normal of investment habits by uplifting the ecosystem and receive 7-3-1% commission of your referrals’ investments.

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Dogecoin (DOGE) 0.002562 USD -3.59%
Litecoin (LTC) 56.64 USD -4.74%
Dash (DASH) 65.08 USD -4.84%


Launch Date

Sep 15, 2019

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Funds Invested

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